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Prof. Kasabov and his team have published extensively in international journals and have many patents listed internationally.

Examples of relevant patents, journal publications and books are listed below.

Links to Full Lists of publications can be found here



  1. N.Kasabov, Data Analysis and Predictive Systems and Related Methodologies, US patent 9,002,682 B2, 7 April 2015.

  2. N.Kasabov, V.Feigin, Z.Hou, Y.Chen, Improved method and system for predicting outcomes based on spatio/spectro-temporal data, PCT patent WO2015/030606 A2, US2016/0210552 A1. Granted/Publication date: 21 July 2016.  




  1. Invited talk, Unconventional Computing and Natural Computation (UCNC)2024, Pohang, 17-21.06.2024,

  2. Keynote, 2024 6th International Conference on Computer Communication and the Internet (ICCCI 2024), Web: , June 14-16, 2024, Tokyo Metropolitan University.

  3. Keynote talk, 2024 3rd International Conference on Networks, Communications and Information Technology (CNCIT 2024), Xi'an, China, June 7-9, 2024, 

  4. Invited talk, Symposium on Advanced Computational Intelligence (SACI), Hungary, 21 May 2024.

  5. Keynote talk, 2024 2nd Asia Conference on Computer Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (CVIPPR 2024), Xiamen, China, April 26-28, 2024,

  6. Keynote Speaker and Advisory Chair at 2024 6th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICNLP 2024,, Xi'an, March 22-24, 2024. 

  7. Keynote, 2024, 2nd International Conference on Mathematics, Computation and Modeling (CMCM 2024), Chengdu, China, March 15-17, 2024,, Keynote Speaker and Conference Chair .





  1. Kasabov, N. (2024) Brain-inspired evolving and spiking connectionist systems, Chapter 8  in:  “Artificial intelligence in the age of neural networks and brain computing”, edited by Robert Kozma, Cesare Alippi, Yoonsuck Choe, Francesco Carlo Morabito, Academic Press, Elsevier, pp.124-145,,, ISBN 978-0-323-96104-2.

Journal Publications

  1. Z. Guo, Z. Jia, L. Wang, D. Wang, G. Yang and N. Kasabov, "Constructing New Backbone Networks via Space-Frequency Interactive Convolution for Deepfake Detection," in IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, vol. 19, pp. 401-413, 2024, https://doi:10.1109/TIFS.2023.3324739.

  2. Mishaim Malik, Benjamin Chong, Justin Fernandez, Vickie Shim, Nikola Kirilov Kasabov, Alan Wang , ID: bioengineering-2796461, Stroke lesion segmentation and deep learning: A comprehensive review, MDPI, Bioengineering 2024, 11, 86, bioengineering1101008

  3. D. Ni, Z. Jia, J. Yang and N. K. Kasabov, "Online Low-Light Sand-Dust Video Enhancement Using Adaptive Dynamic Brightness Correction and a Rolling Guidance Filter," in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, vol. 26, pp. 2192-2206, 2024, doi: 10.1109/TMM.2023.3293276.

  4. Nikola Kasabov, Basabdatta Sen Bhattacharya, Dharmik Patel, Naman Aggarwal, Tanmay Bankar, Iman AbouHassan, Cognitive Audio-Visual Associative Memories using Brain-inspired Spiking Neural Networks with Case Studies on Moving Object Recognition (submitted to IEEE Trans. Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 2023). 



  1. Xiangyang Ning, Qing Dong, Shihua Zhou,  Qiang Zhang, Nikola K. Kasabov, Construction of new 5D Hamiltonian conservative hyperchaotic system and its application in image encryption, Nonlinear Dynamics, Springer-Nature, 2023,  https://doi:10.1007/s111071-023-08866-0

  2. Samuel Ming Xuan Tan,  Jie Yin Yee, Sugam Budhraja, Balkaran Singh, Zohreh Doborjeh, Maryam Doborjeh, Nikola Kasabov, Edmund Lai, Alexander Sumich, Jimmy Lee, Wilson Wen Bin Goh, RNA-sequencing of peripheral whole blood of individuals at ultra-high-risk for psychosis – A longitudinal perspective, Asian Journal of Psychiatry, Elsevier, 89 (2023) 103796,

  3. Qing Dong, Shihua  Zhou, Qiang Zhang, Nikola K. Kasabov,  A new five-dimensional non-Hamiltonian conservative hyperchaos system with multistability and transient properties, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 175 (2023) 113998,

  4. Maciag, Piotr; Bembenik, Robert; Piekarzewicz Aleksandra,  Del Ser Lorente, Javier; Lopez Lobo, Jesus; Nikola Kasabov;, Effective Air Pollution Prediction by Combining Time Series Decomposition with Stacking and Bagging Ensembles of Evolving Spiking Neural Networks, Environmental Modelling and Software, vol.170, on line: 16.10.2023, Dec 2023, 105851,;

  5. Ravi , N. Kasabov et al, (2023). From Quantum Computing to Quantum-inspired Computation for Neuromorphic Advancement – A Survey. TechRxiv. Preprint. 

  6. Alexander Hui Xiang Yang, Cristian Galán-Augé, Nikola Kasabov, Yusuf Ozgur Cakmak  Machine Learning-Guided High-Definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Prevents Cybersickness, Brain Stimulation, Elsevier,, submitted 2023.

  7. Alexander Hui Xiang Yang, Cristian Galán-Augé, Nikola Kasabov, Yusuf Ozgur Cakmak  Machine Learning-Guided High-Definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Prevents Cybersickness, Nuromodulation, submitted 2023.

  8. Nikola K. Kasabov, Helena Bahrami, Maryam Doborjeh, Alan Wang, Brain Inspired Spatio-Temporal Associative Memories for Neuroimaging Data: EEG and fMRI,  Bioengineering 2023, MDPI 10(12), 1341, (OA);  

  9. AbouHassan, Iman; Kasabov, Nikola; Bankar, Tanmay; Garg, Rishabh; Sen Bhattacharya, Basabdatta (2023). PAMeT-SNN: Predictive Associative Memory for Multiple Time Series based on Spiking Neural Networks with Case Studies in Economics and Finance.  TechRxiv. Preprint., preprint

  10. Li, Jiawei; Liu, Jinyuan; Zhou, Shihua; Zhang, Qiang; Kasabov, Nikola, , "GeSeNet: A General Semantic-guided Network with Couple Mask Ensemble for Medical Image Fusion" , IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, DOI:, 21 July 2023.

  11. S. Song, Z. Jia, J. Yang and N. Kasabov, "Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Low-Rank Structural Clustering," in IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, vol. 31, no. 7, pp. 2153-2166, July 2023, doi:

  12. Grace Wen, Vickie Shim, Samantha Jane Holdsworth, Justin Fernandez, Miao Qiao, Nikola Kasabov, Alan Wang Artificial Intelligence for Brain MRI Data Harmonization: A Systematic Review, Bioengineering, 10(4):397, Publisher MDPI, No.2259748, 2023, (OA)

  13. J. Li, J. Liu, S. Zhou, Q. Zhang and N. K. Kasabov, "Learning a Coordinated Network for Detail-Refinement Multiexposure Image Fusion," in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, vol. 33, no. 2, pp. 713-727, Feb. 2023, doi: 

  14. Zohreh Doborjeh, Maryam Doborjeh, Alexander Sumich, Balkaran Singh, Alexander Merkin, Sugam Budhraja, Wilson Wen Bin Goh, Edmund Lai, Margaret Williams, Samuel Tan, Jimmy Lee, and Nikola Kasabov, Investigation of Social and Cognitive Predictors in Non-Transition Ultra-High-Risk’ Individuals for Psychosis Using Spiking Neural Networks, Schizophrenia, 9, 10 (2023), (OA) 

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  16. (

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  20. Martinez Seras Aitor, Del Ser Lorente Javier, Lopez Lobo Jesus, Pablo Garcia Bringas, Nikola Kasabov,  A Novel Out-of-Distribution Detection Approach for Spiking Neural Networks: Design, Fusion, Performance Evaluation and Explainability", Information Fusion, vol.100, Dec. 2023, 101943,

  21. Iman AbouHassan, Nikola K. Kasabov, Vinayak G.M. Jagtap, Parag Kulkarni, Spiking neural networks for predictive and explainable modelling of multimodal streaming data on the Case Study of Financial Time Series Data and on-line news, SREP, Springer-Nature, Sci Rep 13, 18367 (2023). (pre-print on Research Square, (OA)

  22. Yang AHX, Kasabov NK, Cakmak YO. Prediction and Detection of Virtual Reality induced Cybersickness: A Spiking Neural Network Approach Using Spatiotemporal EEG Brain Data and Heart Rate Variability. Brain  Informatics, Springer-Nature (2023) 10:15,, July 2023. (OA)

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  27.  Samaneh Alsadat Saeedinia, Mohammad Reza Jahed Motlagh, Abbas Tafakhori, Nikola Kirilov Kasabov, Diagnostic biomarker discovery from brain EEG data with LSTM, reservoir-SNN and NeuCube: Methods and a pilot study on epilepsy vs migraine,  IEEE archive,

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