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by Prof. Kasabov, Life FIEEE, FRSNZ,

for excellence in the primary,

secondary, and tertiary Ph.D. study

in Bulgaria.

Since 2008, Professor Kasabov has sponsored excellence in the school "Bacho Kiro" in Pavlikeni, where he studied until 1966, for primary and secondary study:
In 2023, he established an annual scholarship of Euros 2,000 for a Ph.D. study in the area of "Neuroinformatics, neural networks, and neurocomputation " as part of the N3-BG group of activities, to be taken by a Ph.D. student in Bulgaria:

The student, who can be Bulgarian or international, has to be accepted for a Ph.D. study at TU Sofia, where Prof. Kasabov studied and worked until 1991, or in other universities or institutes in BG, with an exceptional record in the past year.


All applications should be submitted to Prof.Kasabov (

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