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First Summer School on Neuroinformatics, Neural
Networks, and Neurocomputers  SS-NNN 2023


SS-NNN 2023 is the first summer school in Bulgaria, which will provide students with the opportunity to learn the theoretical and practical basics of advanced AI: Neuroinformatics, Neural Networks, and Neurocomputers.

SS-NNN 2023 is a two-day study program consisting of 18 lectures and 5 tutorials, delivered in a classroom setting by eminent professors and Ph.D. candidates from top universities. The significance of this course is to provide cutting-edge educational research and modeling using advanced AI. Basic AI and machine learning principles will be introduced to you and explained using real-world examples in a well-designed program. Lectures and tutorials help describe neural dynamics using time-series analysis and creating your own projects using AI concepts.

SS-NNN 2023 is a perfect introduction to the world of AI. It will inspire and spark your interest, empower you towards advanced AI techniques, and provide you with the tools to thrive and join the AI community.

The Organization:

Honorary Chairs:

  • Prof N. Kasabov (Founding Chair)

  • Acad J. Revalski (President of BAS)

  • Prof I. Kralov (Rector of TU-Sofia)

General Co-Chairs:

  • Prof P. Koprinkova-Hristova (BAS)

  • Prof R. Trifonov (TU-Sofia)

Organizing Committee:

  • Prof R. Trifonov (TU-Sofia) Chair

  • Prof G. Angelova (BAS) Co-chair

  • Prof T. Tashev (TU-Sofia) Co-chair

  • Prof N. Gabrovski (Pirogov Medical University) Corresponding Member

  • Prof G. Popov (TU-Sofia)

  • Prof S. Mihov (BAS)

  • A/Prof. G. Raicheva (TU-Sofia)

  • Asst A. Popova (TU-Sofia)

  • PhD I. AbouHassan (TU-Sofia)

The Program (preliminary program and list of topics):

FIRST DAY: Sep 19, 2023

Opening session (Prof N. Kasabov)

Day 1A: Neuroinformatics

  1. Lecture L1 (TBA) 

  2. Lecture L2 (Prof P. Koprinkova-Hristova – BAS)

Day 1B: Neural Networks

  1. Introduction to Neural Networks (Ph.D. I. AbouHassan – TU-Sofia)

  2. Explainable Deep NN (TBA)

  3. Learning in Neural Networks (Prof P. Koprinkova-Hristova – BAS)

  4. Evolving COnnectionist Systems ECOS (Prof N. Kasabov)

  5. Advanced Mathematical Aspects of NN (Prof K. Atanassov – BAS) 

  6. Spiking Neural Networks (Prof N. Kasabov)


T1.  Deep NN and Tensor Flow (TBA)

T2.  NeuCom (PhD I. AbouHassan – TU-Sofia)

T3.  NeuCube (PhD I. AbouHassan – TU-Sofia)

SECOND DAYSep 20, 2023

Day 2A: Spiking Neural Networks and Neurocomputers

  1. Design and Implementation of Neuromorphic Chips (TBA)

  2. The SpiNNaker Neuromorphic Supercomputer (TBA)

Day 2B. Applications of Neural Networks

  1. Signal Processing with NN (TBA)

  2. Human-Computer Interaction (TBA)

  3. Adaptive Robotics (TBA)

  4. Language Processing (Prof G. Angelova – BAS)

  5. Large Scale Data Modelling (TBA)

  6. Applications in Finance & Economics (Ph.D. I. AbouHassan–TU-Sofia)

  7. Industrial Applications of NN – part 1 (Prof R. Trifonov – TU-Sofia)

  8. Industrial Applications of NN – part 2 (Prof G. Popov – TU-Sofia)


T4.   NEST SNN Simulator (Prof P. Koprinkova-Hristova – BAS)

T5.   Remote Work with SpiNNaker (TBA)

Closing session (Prof N. Kasabov)

The Venue:

Location: SS-NNN 2023 will be based in TU base in Sozopol.

Time: The two-day program is scheduled for Sep 19-20, 2023.

Accommodation: All participants will be allocated to nearby hotels.


SS-NNN 2023 program is a perfect fit for high school and university students, researchers in NNN, and AI practitioners who are fascinated by AI, machine learning, and the future of technology.

Reference Material:            

  • A lecture book will be provided online to the participants.

  • Free software will be distributed and introduced, including NeuCom, NeuCube, Tensor Flow, and others.

  • No prior programming skills are required. Knowledge of mathematics will be helpful in following the courses.

Certificates and Awards:

  • Students who attend all classes will receive the SS-NNN certificate.

  • The best project, 5-minute presentation, and final assessment will each receive a €200 SS-NNN award.


  • No fees for high-school students J

  • €20 for university students,

  • €100 for academics from BAS and Universities,

  • €300 for other participants.


  • Please contact if you have any questions about the admission process or the program and schedule.

  • Download the SS-NNN 2023 Summer School brochure for more information on each course.

  • Places are limited; reserve your place and apply now!

Partners and Sponsors:   

Partners: Technical University of Sofia (TU-Sofia) and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

Sponsors:  Central Bank – Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, IBM Sofia Office, AI industries, etc.

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