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Seminar 2: Neuroinformatics, Neural networks, and Neurocomputers: Present and future - NEMO BMI project

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 2022

Seminar organizer: BAS

Lecturer: Prof Nikola Kasabov

  1. Bulgarian participation in the world's first NEMO BMI project "Auto-adaptive neuromorphic brain-machine interface", financed by the European Innovation Council.

  2. Watch the lecture at:

Seminar 1Advanced Neural Networks for AI: Methods, Systems, Applications

The Technical University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria, Oct 2022

Seminar organizer: Prof. Roumen Trifonov

Lecturers: Prof Nikola Kasabov; Ms. Iman AbouHassan

  1. Time Space, Spiking Neural Networks, and Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence.

  2. Time Series Modeling using the BI-SNN-based NeuCube Architecture.

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