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Personalised Modelling

Knowledge Engineering has a particular interest and expertise in "Personalised Modelling (PM)"



















Acomputational model for PM; patent N.Kasabov, Data Analysis and Predictive Systems and Related Methodologies, US patent 9,002,682 B2, 7 April 2015). 


PM relates to the development of individual model Mx  for every person X (or a new vector X) for the accurate diagnosis or prognosis of the outcome for this person using a repository of historical data of other individuals (vectors). The following are selected projects of PM with the leadership or the involvement of Prof. Kasabov:

  • PM for predicting knee pain 6 and 12 months after operation using only-pre-operative personal data

  • PM for predicting onset of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) 2 and 4 years before the onset

  • PM for individual stroke prediction hours and days before the onset

  • PM for predicting response to Methadone treatment of drug addicts

  • PM for predicting response to Clozapine of schizophrenic patients

  • PM for cancer diagnosis

  • PM for brain data analysis, EEG, fMRI

  • PM in Bioinformatics

  • PM for predicting COVID-19 and other infectious diseases using multi-modal data

  • PM for predicting heart failure

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