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N3-BG is a Neuroinformatics, Neural networks, and Neurocomputers interest group that was founded by Prof Nikola Kasabov in Sofia, Bulgaria, in October 2022, and formally established at a meeting of founding members on the 8th of December 2022. The group aims at establishing a national neuroinformatics program to train highly skilled human resources in the field and to assist in the development of advanced AI knowledge and new computational models and tools, that can be applied to a variety of application areas, including neuroscience, robotics, human-machine interfaces, environmental studies, finance, and economics. 

The primary mission of the group is to hold monthly online seminars, both in Bulgarian and English. Leading experts from Bulgaria and from all over the world will be invited as presenters. We also plan to launch a summer school in 2023 to demonstrate the theoretical and practical fundamentals of advanced artificial intelligence with hands-on experience.

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