KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING was founded in 2001 by Prof. Nikola Kasabov and offers research and application consultancy in the following domains:


  • Artificial intelligence

  • Computational intelligence

  • Speech and image processing

  • Data mining

  • Knowledge representation and knowledge discovery

  • Fuzzy systems

  • Evolutionary system optimisation

KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING was founded as an advisory arm to Pacific Edge Biotechnology Ltd - a biomedical spin-off from the Otago University in New Zealand, and has evolved to provide consultancy services in a wide range of data science projects across biomedical, environmental and social science areas.

Pacific Edge Biotechnology, a member of the NZ50 stock index, is a premier cancer diagnostic company with a winning product CX Blader for early bladder cancer detection and other cancer diagnostic tests in the pipeline. Prof. Kasabov is also one of its founding members and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board since its inception in 2000. 

Prof. Nik Kasabov



Current engagements and honorary professor appointments:

  • George Moore Professorship of Data Analytics in the Intelligent Systems Research Center at Ulster Universuty, Derry, UK.

  • Honorary and Visiting Professorship appointments in Teesside University UK, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ETH/UniZurich.

  • Editor-in- Chief of the Springer Series in Bio-/Neurosystems and Springer Journal Evovlving Systems.

  • Associate Editor of numerous international journals, including Neural Networks, IEEE Transactions of Cognitive and Development Systems, Information Sciences.


Awards and Memberships:

  • Fellow of IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers)

  • Fellow of RSNZ (Royal Society of New Zealand)

  • Fellow of the College of Fellows of INNS (International Neural Network Society)

  • Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering UK

  • Fellow of the NZ IITP (Institute for IT Professionals).

  • Doctor Honoris Causa of Obuda University Budapest.

  • The Bayer Science Innovator Award (2007);

  • EU Marie Curie Fellowship (2011-2012);

  • the INNS Gabor Award (2012);

  • The Royal Society of New Zealand Silver Medal (2001);

  • the AUT Medal (2015).

  • the INNS Ada Lovelace Meritorious Aaward (2019);

  • Innovator of the Year in NZ (2019).


Main interests are in the areas of:

  • computational intelligence;

  • neuro-computing;

  • bioinformatics;

  • neuroinformatics;

  • speech and image processing;

  • data mining;

  • knowledge representation and

  • knowledge discovery.


Publications include over 650 works:

  • 250 journal papers,

  • 10 text books,

  • 6 edited research books and monographs,

  • 288 conference papers,

  • 60 book chapters,

  • 10 edited conference proceedings,

  • 28 patents and authorship certificates in the area of intelligent systems, connectionist and hybrid connectionist systems, fuzzy systems, expert systems, speech recognition, bioinformatics, neurocomputing and neural networks

  • Publications and Citations on Google Scholar

Leadership of international professional organisations:

  • President of the International Neural Network Society (INNS) (2009-2010),

  • President of the Asia-Pacific Neural Network Assembly (APNNA) (2008),

  • President of the Asia Pacific Neural Networks Society (2019) (APNNS).

  • General Chairman of a series of biannual international conferences on Neurocomputing and Evolving Intelligence in New Zealand (1992- 2018).


Extensive academic experience at various academic and research organisations:

  • Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria;

  • University of Otago, New Zealand;

  • University of Essex, UK;

  • University of Trento, Italy; 

  • TU Kaiserslautern Germany;

  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland;

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University;

  • Ulster University UK.

Professor Kasabov has Masters degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, and a PhD in Mathematical Sciences from the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has supervised to completion 50 PhD students.


Professor Nikola Kasabov is an internationally established scientist and a Professor of Knowledge Engineering in the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Founding Director of:

  • the Knowledge Engineering Laboratory at the University of Otago (1992) and

  • the Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute (KEDRI, www.kedri.aut.ac.nz) at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) (2002).