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KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING was founded in 2001 by Prof. Nikola Kasabov and offers research and application consultancy in the following domains:


  • Artificial intelligence

  • Computational intelligence

  • Speech and image processing

  • Data mining

  • Knowledge representation and knowledge discovery

  • Fuzzy systems

  • Evolutionary system optimisation

KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING was founded as an advisory arm to Pacific Edge Biotechnology Ltd - a biomedical spin-off from the Otago University in New Zealand, and has evolved to provide consultancy services in a wide range of data science projects across biomedical, environmental and social science areas.

Pacific Edge Biotechnology, a member of the NZ50 stock index, is a premier cancer diagnostic company with a winning product CX Blader for early bladder cancer detection and other cancer diagnostic tests in the pipeline. Prof. Kasabov is also one of its founding members and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board since its inception in 2000. 

If you want to get in touch with Prof Kasabov regarding research and consulting opportunities, please send an email to

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