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The Second Summer School of the N3BG

(TU-Sofia, 22-23.05.2024; hybrid, both in person and on Zoom)


The Organisation


Honorary Chairs:

  • Prof. N Kasabov, LFIEEE, FRSNZ, FINNS (Founding chair N3BG, Prof. AUT NZ and IICT BAS, Advisor TU)

  • Prof. I. Kralov (Rector of TU-Sofia)

  • Corr. Member BAS Prof. S. Margеnov (Director, IICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)


Summer School Chair:

  • Prof. R. Trifonov (TU-Sofia)


Summer school co-chairs:

  • Prof. D. Gotseva (Dean, TU-Sofia);

  • Prof. P.Koprinkova-Hristova (IICT, BAS); 

  • Prof. I Jordanov, (U. Portsmouth UK);

  • Corr. Member BAS Prof. N. Gabrovsky (Institute Pirogov)


Organising committee: 

  • Assoc. Prof. G. Pavlova (Chair);

  • Assoc. Prof G. Tsochev;

  • Assoc. Prof. N. Hinov;

  • Doct. Iman AbouHassan; (TU-Sofia)



TU-Sofia, Campus Darvenitza, block 7, auditorium 701



May 22-23, 2024.

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The Program


May 22, Wednesday, Morning (9:30 -12:30): Advances in NI, NN and NC (Chairs: Profs. N.Kasabov and P.Koprinkova)

  1. Welcome address and introduction of the invited speakers of the N3BG 2nd Summer School.

  2. Prof. Danilo Mandich (Imperial College, London), President of INNS, “Introducing the International Neural Network Society (INNS) as a leading world society for the topics of the N3BG.”  

  3. Prof. Danilo Mandich (Imperial College, London), “Explainability in NN”

  4. Prof. Alan Wang (University of Auckland, NZ), “Advances in neuroimaging”

  5. Prof. Yusuf Cakmak (University of Otago, NZ), “Advances in Neurotechnology” (

  6. Prof. Al. Dimitrov (USA), “Advances in neurocomputer chips” (TBC)

  7. Short presentations from the audience.

Lunch break (13-14)

May 22, Afternoon (14:00 -17:00): The First Joint N3BG/C4BG Symposium: “AI/Neural Network Applications in Finance and Economics (Chairs: Profs. L.Litov (USA),  N.Kasabov, R.Trifonov, and Doct I.AbouHassan TU)

  1. Prof. L. Litov (U. Oklahoma, USA), “Introducing the C4BG group (Citizens for Bulgaria) based in the USA”  

  2. Prof. L. Litov (USA), “Contemporary issues in finance and economics research and practice”

  3. Doct. I. AbouHassan, Prof. N.Kasabov and R.Trifonov  (TU Sofia), “Advanced NN techniques for finance and economics predictive modelling.”

  4. Mr. D. Djolev, Profs. M. Lazarova and O. Nakov (TU-Sofia), "Federated Learning on Blockchain for financial prediction and classification."

  5. Short presentations from the audience

  6. Concluding remarks for the first day.



May 23, Thursday, Morning (9:30-12:30): Advanced Applications of AI and NN (Chairs: Prof R.Trifonov and I.Jordanov (UK))

  1. Prof. I. Jordanov (University of Portsmouth, UK), “Applications of deep NN in maternity predictive modelling”

  2. Prof. A. Sumich (Nottingham Trend University, UK) and Dr. Zohreh Doborjeh (AUT, NZ), “Applications of Neuroinformatics and Neural Networks in Psychology”.

  3. Prof. Cris Calude (University of Auckland, New Zealand), “What can quantum computers do and what they cannot do?”

  4. Prof. R.Trifonov (TU-Sofia), “AI applications in cybersecurity”

  5. Prof. N.Hinov (TU-Sofia), “AI in Electronics”

  6. Prof. N. Kasabov, “Evolving spatio/spectro-temporal associative memories in bio/neuro systems and intelligent machines – this is all we need!”

  7. Short presentations from the audience.   

  8. Profs. N. Kasabov, R. Trifonov and P. Koprinkova, Concluding remarks and announcement of the next N3BG Summer School 2025.

The Second Summer School of the N3BG

(TU-Sofia, 22-23.05.2024; hybrid, both in person and on Zoom)


     The Second Summer School NNN 2024 is a part of TU - Sofia "Science Days 2024". Participation in the Summer School is free for all participants, but they need to register in advance by sending an email to the Organizing Chair A/Prof. Galia Pavlova ( and to Doct. Iman AbouHassan ( for inclusion in the N3BG email list for further announcements. All invited speakers and organizers from Bulgaria and from overseas are donating their time, efforts and expertise to make this event useful and inspirational for students, academics and practitioners of AI in Bulgaria.

    We invite participants to also give a short (e.g. 5 min) presentations along with our invited speakers to inform the BG community about their work, plans and interests. Please indicate your interest in presenting, either onsite or online (Zoom link will be announced prior to the meeting), at any of the three sessions by sending an email to Doct. Iman AbouHassan ( Selected presentations will be invited to be included as chapters in an edited volume of the Springer Series on Bio-Neuro Systems They may also be invited to be submitted as journal papers to the Springer Journal of Evolving Systems (

     All presentations will be recorded and uploaded, upon agreement by the presenter, to YouTube. For further information and updates, including the Zoom link for on-line connection, please contact the Org. Committee Chair A/Prof. Galia Pavlova, or visit the event's website at:  

The Organizers,


Second Summer School on Neuroinformatics,
Neural Networks, and Neurocomputers  SS-N3BG 2024


Second Summer School on Neuroinformatics, Neural Networks, and Neurocomputers (N3BG)

TU Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

May 22–23, 2024

N3BG; TU Sofia; IICT 


Link to a previous event:

SS-N3BG 2023

The conference will have a panel on 
AI/Neural Network Ap
in Finance and

To submit a paper/presentation,

please contact the organizers:

N.Kasabov (; R.Trifonov (; I.Abouhassan (

Sofia UN_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Second Bulgarian Council for Economic Analyses Annual Conference


Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria

June 24–25, 2024


C4BG; Bulgarian Council for Economic Analyses; European Economic Association Research Committee. Plenary speaker: Virgiliu Midrigan (New York University). 


Papers from any field of Economics are welcome. If you would like to present a paper at the conference, please fill out the following Google form by March 1, 2024. Also, please notify the organizers if you would like to serve as a discussant. Acceptance decisions will be made by April 15, 2024. For any additional questions, please contact us at


19th Int'l Conference on AI: Methodology, Systems, Applications

(AIMSA 2024)

Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria

September 18–20, 2024




Programme Committee Chair:

Nikola Kasabov (AUT).

The conference targets innovative methods for the development and implementation of efficient and sustainable AI systems and applications. Submission deadline: May 24, 2024. All participants are requested to pre-register online at:
please contact the organizers: P.Koprinkova (

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